Today I will teach you how to write Square Fonts. Square fonts are really popular right now so I thought this would be a great idea for an article. Download Square Fonts look awesome on social media!There are many ways to do Square Fonts and the best way depends on you. There isn’t one correct way or style that everyone should do because we all like different things! Just like people, every letter has its own personality and it should show through in your writing. If you aren’t sure which kind of Square Font to use, don’t worry about it too much because Download Square Fonts actually come in lots of different styles and shapes. It’s not as hard as you think. Square Fonts are just a variation of how you can form letters and that’s what makes them so fun! In this article I will teach you some ways to do Square Fonts. Here we go!

Free Download Square Fonts:

The first Square Font is the one I use the most. First, start out by drawing a small square. This will be your lines or guide for writing all your lettering inside it. Inside this square write down what you want to say in cursive . I used “i love humans” as an example but feel free to use any kind of words or phrases that fit into a square box because Square Fonts can look good with almost anything written inside it!

For the second Square Font , draw another small square but this time make it upside down . This is another Square Font style that I like to use when writing words in Download Square Fonts. Start out by drawing an oval to start forming the “o” in your words inside the box. Inside this box, write cursive again (I used “enjoy earthlings”). Draw a line through the bottom of each letter so you have a straight line all across. Then draw two slanted lines under each letter for the bottom part of your Square Font style.

Free Boxes of Download Square Fonts:

The third Square Font requires cutting or scratching out certain parts of your letters or Square Font boxes . Sometimes I want my Square Fonts to look distressed so I take my paper scraper and scratch off pieces of each letter. This Square Font box is a little taller than the other Square Font boxes I’ve shown but it still follows the same general rule for writing Square Fonts. Let’s use “love humans” again to show you an example of this Square Font style. Draw another small square that is slightly shorter in width than your other Square Font boxes, but make sure it is about the same length as them. Draw yet another oval inside the Square Font box and then draw another separate Square-Rectangle (see instructions on how to draw these shapes above). The Rectangle should be slightly smaller than the Oval inside of it and they should meet at an angle on one end. Like I mentioned above, scratch out some parts of your letters with either your paper scraper or X-Actor knife. Download Square Fonts like this look really cool and take a lot of time to do which is why I like them so much. You can also use Square Fonts that are distressed to create logos for websites or social media pages!

The fourth Square Font style looks almost the same as the first one except, instead of drawing an extra square around your Square Font words, draw your lettering inside another Square-Rectangle (see instructions on how to draw these shapes above). This Square Font should be exactly the same size as all your other Square Font boxes. Think about it like you’re forming each individual Square Letter by itself. Sometimes you don’t need all those extra squares and rectangles because they might take away from your Square Fonts. For this Square Font style, I used the words “enjoy earthlings”.

Different Styles of Download Square Fonts:

The Last Download Square Font is a Square Style font. These are great too because it’s basically writing your words inside another Square-Rectangle (see instructions on how to draw these shapes above). This Square-Rectangle should be about half the size of all your other Square Boxes though. Think again about forming each letter individually and by itself without using a box around them or a line under them. Alright, let’s use “earthlings” for this Square Font example please!

Square Fonts are some of my favorite things to draw and customize, but Square Fonts can be used with all kinds of different ideas or themes!

Square Fonts also look great with shapes , patterns , logos , lettering , etc . Be creative! Square Fonts are only limited by your imagination.

Square Fonts are one of my favorite things to draw in Square Fonts. Square Fonts are perfect because they can be written with any theme or idea in mind. Square Fonts are great for Square Font tattoos . Square Style fonts are also great too because it’s much easier to design the letters individually instead of designing them all together in a Square Box style font. Square-Rectangle shapes are used in this case to make each individual letter stand out on its own when designing Square Style fonts. Here is how I would draw some basic Square Style typography:

Free Lettering Styles of Download Square Fonts:

 The first Square Font looks like it has two small squares around the words “enjoy life” . This Square Font is a Square Style font and should be drawn exactly the same size as your Square Box style Square Lettering. Draw another Square-Rectangle around each individual Square Font word still using a pencil at this point.

Now that we’ve got our Square Font words blocked out, take out your ruler again and draw lines underneath all of your words for guidelines. You can also use your paper scraper or X-Actor knife to scratch off the middle of each letter too if you’d like.

 Alright, now let’s start drawing our actual letters! Each Square Font letter should be written inside its individual square and without any other boxes around it so they stand out more! These are some really basic “Square Fonts” but Download Square Fonts can be written with any theme in mind. Square Style fonts are great for line art, logos, custom lettering, Square Font tattoos, etc. Square-Rectangle shapes are used when designing Square Style fonts to make each individual letter look like it’s standing on its own instead of being part of a group. 

4) For the next Square Font example, draw another set of guidelines around all your words again but make them about half the size or so that they were before. Now you have two sets of guidelines for this Square Font style because each word is going to be inside its own individual Square-Rectangle! Draw another set around these Square Boxes too if you want to!

Square Fonts are great because you can write whatever you want inside each Square Box and they will still look amazing!

5) There is one Square Style font left now, but instead of drawing around the Square-Rectangles this time, draw a Square Box around each Square Font word individually. The next Square Font style should be made up of separate Download Square fonts. Draw another set of guidelines underneath these words too if you’d like to make these letters stand out even more from the paper. I used the words “enjoy life” for this Square Font example!

That’s it! Hey if you have any questions about how to draw square style fonts or requests , leave me a comment below or message me at  [email protected] ! Square Lettering is also known by Square Fonts, Square Boxes, Square Style Lettering, Square Style Fonts, Square-Rectangle Style Letters, Square Type Design, and Square Typography.