Alien Fonts is a digital typeface that appears on your screen and looks like it was meant for something else. I am the designer of this font, but I can’t give any more information about its origin or who has made it. This particular version of the unusal font was emailed to me back in February 2006 by someone calling themself ‘STAN’. Shortly after their email they sent me another message saying “done with my little project” and then nothing ever came from this person again. Download Alien fonts are free, as the name indicates. It means that you can download and use them free of charge. This is great news for those who want to try these free fonts but don’t know if they’re free or not. Fonts seem very simple objects at first glance: just some letters and numbers, interconnected and arranged in a certain way so as to produce words on a screen or on paper. However, there is more than this: each font represents an artistic creation with different characteristics and aesthetics, which makes it unique and may define its attractiveness. Because we think this is interesting we decided to create a collection of free separate themed fonts. On this page you will find Download Alien Fonts free to download from various sources all over the web.

Free Download Alien Fonts

The free alien league fonts that we have selected show different styles and characteristics, some of them are more modern Separate Fonts while others are more ancient themed alien script fonts; all free to download. Regardless of their style or origin, all free Download alien fonts represent an artistic creation that you can use on your own projects like posters, websites or personal cards.

On this list you’ll also find the name of each font (with a link to its creator) as well as its category, which will make it easier for search engines to index these free Vip FLetters free downloads. The chosen sources are completely reliable but always remember to be careful with the installation process so as not to introduce any virus into your computer. Also they’re free, E N J O Y.

Best Download Alien Fonts:

Alien Plasma

Alien Frontiers

Star killer

Galactic Traveler

Star Pixels Alien Series Two! -16 Alien Styles 2 FREE Styles No Character Map Needed! Vip Star Pixels Separate Series Two is a collection of 16 alien themed textured fonts that were designed to look like each other. Each font in the series has sci-fi inspired glyphs and all upper-case characters as well as numbers 0-9 for added versatility. The alien themed textures are made up of irregular shapes and splashes of color creating a very unique alien look.

Alien Stars Free Font – Bold, Uppercase, & Numbers! Here’s a bold alien font that you can download for free. The alien stars font was designed to have the same texture as the alien stars pictures which makes it perfect for any sci-fi design work such as alien posters, alien crafts, etc. This alien font may seem simple but it’s still very artistic and detailed because each letter was carefully crafted to give it an alien typeface feel And because this alien font has upper and lowercase alien letters you can use alien stars in alien logos, alien tattoos, alien designs, outsider textual styles crafts, alien text designs, etc.

Best Download Alien Fonts Star

Alien Stars is available in three different styles: Bold (solid texture), Fill (fills all the letters with one color for an even more alien look), and Alien Stars Glow (which may be hard to read but looks cool). Here are the links to download this font for free:

Starry Alien Encounters Light Font! Another free alien caret font that you can’t miss out on here. The starry alien encounters light Strange encounter font was designed to have a dimmed out effect so it’s perfect if you’re looking for an artistic sci-fi design. This typeface makes me think of alien movies like alien vs. predator or alien 3 because it has that dark, dimmed out Strange typeface feel. Definitely not an everyday font but still cool enough for you to create your own alien fonts with. Here is a preview of what Starry outsider textual styles Encounters Light looks like:

Galactic Emissary Font! A bold Gorgeous  font movie that was designed to look like ancient hieroglyphics which makes this outsider textual styles lettering perfect for ancient alien theories, ancient aliens on YouTube, and ancient alien evidence. If you’re interested in ancient aliens then you should definitely check out this free galactic emissary sci-fi text font. This typeface may be hard to read but its unique style makes it perfect if you’re looking for alien fonts that are different from the rest.

So there you have it, 11 alien font online styles for you to use in your Strange movies, Gorgeous font theories, alien fan fiction, alien crafts, etc. Be sure to check out all these Download alien fonts because you’re bound to find something that will work perfectly with your next alien project.

What are Download Alien Fonts?

Alien fonts in Calligraphy have been rapidly increasing in popularity in recent years. alien font text are in fact Alien Characters that look similar to Chinese characters but nonetheless are used in English Calligraphy also known as English Calligraphy. alien gem font can be found online for free download, however Alien Calligraphy does take practice and patience, because the characters may not necessarily translate well or directly into Alien Letters so much so that you might have to try several times to get it right.

One of the most popular Download  Alien Fonts is called “Hello Kitty” Alien letters which consists of various cute Aliens made up of small and big circles and ovals with lines projecting out of them (see picture below). Some of the Alien Letters can be difficult to draw (see Alien Letter Y) because of all the circles and ovals it has.

Popular Download Alien Fonts: 

Another popular alien gen font is called “Hello Pretty”  letters which has Aliens that look like stars, hearts or flowers (see picture below). The Alien Letters are easier to draw than “Hello Kitty” Alien Letters but can still be a bit tricky especially Gorgeous font Letter A with its several lines projecting out from inside of it.

Alien isolation font in Calligraphy go back a long time ago apparently before World War I where people used them on signs and stuff because they were thought to be more interesting looking than regular English letters. Nowadays distnict fonts have been used by some music groups such as Malice Miser from Japan who used Alien letters in their logo (see picture below). Letters are also popular with modern Calligraphers who use Characters for tattoo designs.

Chinese Download Alien Fonts:

Alien Fonts like Chinese characters, Japanese Kanji and Alien Symbols can be used for Tattoos because of their beautiful art work. Symbols may be drawn differently according to each  Calligraphy Artist but key components remain the same which makes them easy to recognize. For example  Letter S is generally drawn four times like a mirror image (see picture below) however it may be drawn differently depending on the artist’s imagination.

Alien fonts are gaining popularity especially among people who like Asian culture or even just want something unique that no one else will have. Nowadays there are sites where  Letter designs not only Alien Letters but Alien symbols too can be downloaded for free. However  Calligraphy is pretty much the same as regular Calligraphy in that it requires practice and patience to develop skills. Alien fonts are unique and interesting just like Alien Symbols therefore they will make a great addition to any Separate collection or Gorgeous font tattoo design.